Improve Yourself.  Support Others. Be of Service to the World.  

Our world has a leadership crisis and we believe that millennials can lead the world into a better future if they are equipped with the skills required to be resilient, bold, ethical, and unwavering in a time when business and world leaders have devalued what true leadership really means.

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Create Your Self Improvement Plan

Leadership is less about titles, and more about character. As a member you will design your own 50-week self improvement plan to help you accelerate your career and life success.


Receive Your

Leadership Placement

The fastest way to learn how to become a leader? Become one.

As a new member, you will have an opportunity to select a leadership role tailored to help you build your leadership skills in lightening speed.


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"Responsible Citizen" Track

What good is improving your life if you don't give back to the world? That's why all of our members are required to contribute 10-hrs to one of our "Responsible Citizen" programs.

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Deadline to Apply: June 30th, 2021
Applications Now Open!
  • Membership is open to professionals who identify as a millennial 
  • Dues are $45/mo. 
  • Month-to-month membership terms for all
  • Prospective members must complete an application and interview to join
  • Accepted members must attend a 1-hr orientation
  • "Convince Your Boss" packet available upon request
  • The 2021 deadline to apply is June 30th
  • Membership starts August 1st, 2021