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leadership lab

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top talent

All candidates aren't good candidates. Learn how to stop making recruiting mistakes so that you can attract high-performing millennials who are committed to your company's mission and vision. Learn our signature framework for identifying, classifying, and tracking your diverse millennial talent.



Managing and developing teams is one of the most challenging skills to execute effectively and consistently.  Whether baby boomers need strategies for managing millennials, or a millennial manager needs support developing her peers, our Leadership Lab has courses designed to equip managers with specific tactics to improve their leadership practice right away.

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diversity, equity, & Inclusion

Millennials are the most diverse generation in the workforce, and their varied needs must be met to increase and maintain engagement. Stay in-the-know when it comes to how your company can best engage its diverse multigenerational teams. Let go of the basic "unconscious bias" trainings and raise your company's diversity IQ with customized development sessions that will remove blindspots that could have a negative impact n your company's bottom line and brand.