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An Evolving Mission: Millennial Leadership & the Future of Work

After a challenging 2020, senior leadership at the Center for Millennial Engagement (CME) were faced with the tough task of figuring out how to better support millennial professionals around the country. While CME was originally launched with a mission to support organizations in recruiting, developing, and engaging their millennial workforce, the current professional landscape has demonstrated that millennials are in desperate need of professional development support, that many employers are just not able to provide.

In Summer of 2021, the Center for Millennial Engagement will launch its leadership development program, “Futures” which will equip millennial professionals with the skills they need to remain competitive in today’s workforce. Program visionary, Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CME Founder worked with the programming advisory board to develop a “residency” model where participants will rotate through a series of progressively challenging developmental activities that will measure their capacity for leadership in the future world of work.

While this virtual program will be open nationwide, there is an application process required for those who are interested. Visit to learn more and to request an application.

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