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Microsoft Executive Director shares why "Millennial diversity is a must for the tech industry".

April Walker is a technologist and leader within one of the largest tech companies in the world. What she shared at this year's Millennial Masterclass blew us away.

In April of 2019, the Center for Millennial Engagement hosted its first Millennial Masterclass and welcomed an exclusive group of only 40 leaders in the greater Philadelphia region to participate.

"I was the only person of color, I was the only woman, and I was determined to prove my worth." -April Walker

#Tech + Diversity is a Must

After sharing her compelling career journey, Walker shared some candid advice for leaders who are working with young, ambitious, diverse millennials. "Give them an opportunity to fully use their skills." Yes, many millennials are ambitious. Yes, many millennials want to achieve more in less time. According to Walker, it's the company's responsibility to provide opportunities for high-achievers to be successful. That's 'how you win the talent war'.

In 2020, the Center is reimagining the 2019 "Millennial Masterclass" and launching the "Millennial-ize It Forum", a one-day event where executives, talent leaders, and consultants come together to learn how to better recruit, develop, manage, and engage their millennial workforce. They'll be hosted in NYC, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. Get registration details here.